5 organic beauty tips to enhance your tan

Summer is well underway and the tanned complexion of your dreams isn't quite there yet? Don't panic, you have time! We share with you the right special summer beauty ritual, before, during and after your exposure to the sun. 5 good beauty gestures to sublimate your tan while keeping your skin healthy and hydrated.

1. Prepare skin for the sun with exfoliation

If you want to optimize your tan this summer, exfoliation is your best ally. Indeed, by regularly using an organic body scrub will allow the tan to settle on a clean skin and thus facilitate its prolongation. Ideally favor body scrubs rich in fats such as prickly pear seed oil or shea butter, because beyond exfoliating the skin, these allow it to be softened and moisturized. Thus, they meet all the necessary conditions to prepare your skin for the sun in the best conditions. 

It is advisable to use a body scrub once or twice a week before sun exposure. These treatments are not only preventive but are also to be applied throughout the summer as long as you don't get sunburned.

2. Optimize tanning while protecting the epidermis

Sun protection is a must to ensure your skin is protected. It is advisable to apply it about every two hours when you are exposed. If, on the other hand, you want to optimize your tan as much as possible, favor tanning oils that help protect your skin thanks to their natural ability to filter harmful UV rays, they thus accelerate tanning while moisturizing the skin deeply. 

Tiny plus: Choose a carotene-rich oil because carrot oil is a perfect natural tanning booster for increasing melanin production.

hendiya skincare organic tanning oil

3. Rehydrate the skin after each exposure

After being exposed to the sun, your skin really needs to be rehydrated. The best moisturizing body lotions are the fluid lotions enriched with plant oils that allow the skin to be deeply nourished and revitalized. Moisturizing will furthermore prevent your skin from peeling and thus allow you to preserve your tan for longer and put on that dreamy tanned complexion on a soft skin. 

4. Focus on a healthy diet rich in antioxidants

Your diet plays a vital role in the condition of your skin on a daily basis. Thus, it is highly recommended to eat foods containing antioxidants. Antioxidants (red fruits, artichoke, prunes, pecans, dark chocolate) play an important role in the regeneration of melanin and help fight the negative effects of sun exposure.

You can also rely on foods containing beta-carotene (carrot, spinach, apricot, mango) which is an active antioxidant to strengthen and boost your tan.

5. Highlight your tanned complexion

Finally, if you want to give your tan an extra boost, bet on a glittery body mist that beyond making you glow day and night, will coat you with a delicious summer scent and freshness.

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  • J’adore ce rituel que je ferai Isa dès que je rentre et j’apprécie le fait d’insister sur une alimentation saine et riche en antioxydants.

    Ilham Bennouna

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