Night oils : Precious oils to adopt for a boosted complexion

Just a few drops of these oils before bedtime, and there you have it a fresh, boosted complexion when you wake up. The night oilswith unparalleled versatility and efficacy, are the new beauty must-haves to adopt, for moisturized and rested skin in the morning.

Hendiya Organic Prickly Pear Seed Oil

Nighttime, the time when cells renew themselves the fastest

For thousands of years, oil has been a staple of beauty rituals and proves beneficial at any time of the day. However, at night, our skin does not function the same way as it does during the day. Sleep is intensely rejuvenating not only for the body and mind, but also for the skin. In fact, during the night, the skin regenerates about 3 times faster than during the day. Thus, your night ritual takes on its full importance and oils play an essential role in it. 

Night oils provide deep hydration to the skin

Particularly sensory, the oil is easy and enjoyable to apply.  It offers a true cocooning moment to incorporate into your nighttime routine. Plus, it penetrates deep into the skin, sealing in moisture, and promoting the absorption of other products used during your ritual like your night cream or your eye contour which is an evening must-have for a refreshed look when you wake up. 

For optimal absorption, apply a few drops of oil, to a cleansed and makeup-free face, then massage in carefully by gently tapping with your fingers and insisting on the cheeks, forehead and eye area. It is also possible to apply the oil with a jade roller as the latter enhances the adherence and benefits of the oil by promoting supple skin and restoring volume to the features.

Among the oils you can apply at night, use vegetable oils, the most virtuous of which is Prickly Pear Seed Oil

Prickly pear oil, being a powerful antioxidant and anti-aging, is an elixir to be favored

Prickly pear seed oil is a indeed a real elixir. Particularly rich in sterols, omega 6 and vitamin E, it is a precious antioxidant that mitigates the effects of aging by regenerating cells overnight to prevent the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. In addition, it is naturally endowed with moisturizing power allowing the skin, once applied, to be more supple and dense but also the traces present on the face to gradually disappear

To maximize the effects of night oils, we favor some vegetable oils, organically grown without additives. And that's it, you know everything, here's to a fresh and plumped up complexion in the morning! 

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